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UPDATED — 31/12/11 [Oct. 28th, 2012|11:11 am]
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Item: Topshop Acid Wash Bodycon in Purple (UK8)
Condition: Pristine
Price: SGD$25.00 Mailed/Self-collection (Non-negotiable)
Additional Information:
  • Payment is to be made by bank transfer to our POSB savings account within 24-hours upon receipt of our invoice.
  • A confirmed order is final: Any withdrawal of order thereafter will deem you blacklisted. Likewise, your order will be forfeited and you will be blacklisted should you fail to make payment within 24-hours.
  • We ship all parcels via Singpost. Types of delivery methods available at Singpost: Normal Mail (Complimentary) l Registered Mail (Flat Rate: +$3.74)
  • Self-collection is available but, payment must be made 24-hours beforehand. (Can be further discussed)
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